The Nursery

Barley Wood Nursery Grounds

Barley Wood Nursery is set in 11 acres of park and woodland in the valley of the Congesbury Yeo River.

We use these unrivalled facilities to ensure that children in the nursery have ample opportunity for learning about the outdoors through play.

The House

groundsThe House dates back to the 18th century when it was owned by Hannah Moore a great philanthropist of her time and since this time has passed through many families including the Wills of Bristol. The Nursery element of the House has been recently converted by the YMCA and offers a variety of safe dedicated spaces and rooms for children to develop within.

Through using the grandeur of the house we have created individual rooms for each age, but still allowing movement through the building and into the outdoors.

Nursery Gardens

The nursery has three lovely gardens:

Our ‘Garden Lawn’ is an area where children can grow vegetables, play on bikes and have the freedom to run and move freely.

Our ‘Woodland Garden’ is a place where the imagination comes alive. Children can bug hunt, climb, balance and play in this natural environment. During the Summer, our older children can even enjoy sleeping in the peaceful environment of the woodland garden.

Our ‘Babies Garden’ is dedicated to our younger children, with age appropriate areas and activities, including a giant sand pit for little ones to explore and use their newly found skills.


The nursery enjoys direct access to the surrounding parkland in the House grounds. All age groups enjoy daily walks around the grounds and they all have their own favourite spots, be they in the woods, in the formal garden or for some rolling down the hill in front of the house!


Children have ample opportunity to explore and play in the woodland at Barley Wood. As the seasons unfold they are able to see first-hand the changes in their surroundings.

They will be able to taste the fruits of the orchard and discover the different flora and fauna.

Foxes Copse is a special area of woodland. It is designed as an outdoor classroom where children are free to play, explore and investigate. There is a designated area to dig and children are able to take part in woodland crafts, bug hunt and build dens whilst learning all about their environment.

The fire site is a place where children can rest, get warm, chat and learn about fire safety.

Water Activities

Barley Wood has two ponds. These facilities allow us to give children the opportunity to experience a range of activities.

Nursery children have the opportunity to go pond dipping and, dam building. This is a wonderful chance to learn all about water, how we can change things and how to look after our environment. Children learn all about living things and, of course, the all important water safety.

Water also stimulates the senses, as the children experience wet, dry, different smells and temperatures. They are also able to learn about the different creatures that live in and around the water and how to respect the environment.

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