Our Rooms

Rabbits Room – from 3 months to 2 years

Rabbits is a fun and stimulating series of rooms offering a safe and warm place for children to play and develop their newly found skills. Staff and parents work closely together to aid the children’s developing needs.

In Rabbits Room we offer the children a wide variety of sensory and exploratory activities and experiences.  A typical day in Rabbits Room will include some of the following activities. Time in the playrooms, where children will have access to resources (such as sorting toys, pop-up toys, jigsaws and musical toys). They will explore materials and books and will engage in imaginative play using the doll’s house, animals, cars and trains. Time in the Creative Room doing ‘messy’ activities such as painting, jelly or pasta play, playdough, sand and water.

Time outside, either in one of our gardens or off for a walk exploring our wonderful woodland and gardens. Treasure Baskets & Heuristic Play. These sessions involve the children exploring and manipulating everyday, household objects, rather than commercially made toys.

The objects can be used in a much more open-ended way, so the children become involved and independent in their play. Resources include tins, mug trees, cardboard tubes, bead necklaces, gift boxes, corks, metal and wooden items.

During the day we make full use of our space and beautiful surroundings. As the children arrive in the morning they come into the main play room. We then break off into smaller groups suitable to the children’s age and stage of development. All children have access to the creative room and the outdoors. The older children will also have the chance to develop their skills further whilst playing in a room dedicated to their stage of development.

Even our youngest children play outside, come rain or shine. We have double buggies, with rain covers, for walks in the grounds and equipment for our babies to use in the garden. In the summer we get the paddling pool out and on rainy days we provide the children with waterproof coats and wellies to splash in the puddles.

When you collect your child from the nursery you will be given a written (for children up to 1 year) or verbal summary of your child’s day. This includes; what your child has eaten, how long they have slept for and the activities they have been involved in. If you would prefer the written summary to continue after your child’s 1st birthday then please speak to their keyperson. Staff will be available to discuss any concerns/needs when you drop off or collect your child.

Badgers room – from 2-3 years

Badgers Room is a bright and stimulating environment, providing many opportunities for children to develop, make their own decisions and choose from a variety of activities.

Through their play, the children will build upon their confidence, learn about their environment and start to take part in our Forest School approach.

The Great Outdoors

Due to the Nursery’s excellent outdoor facilities, the children are encouraged to investigate and use their imaginations to the fullest extent.  With 111 acres of land to explore at Barley Wood there is always something new and amazing to see and learn. Here is a small selection of the many exciting activities Badgers children have on offer: making dens, digging for mini beasts, nature walks, playing in the giant sandpit and woodland adventures.

Approach to learning

The children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is delivered through the medium of play. We will help the children to gain an understanding of their world and what they are able to do. Whilst playing, they can discover how strong they are, how fast they can move, how to coordinate their movements, how to develop their imagination and how loud or quiet they can be!

Big Boys and Girls

Your child will be in a warm and happy environment, where children are encouraged to be independent, care for one another and feel confident to make informed choices about their nursery day. At the end of each day a member of staff will tell you all about your child’s day and the fun they have had.

Toilet Training

During this busy year many children begin to toilet train. There are no rules when toilet training your child, but one of the most important points is to make sure both your child and yourself are ready.  We will be able to provide you with support and literature.

Foxes room – from 3 years to school age

Foxes Room provides a stimulating and exciting area for young minds to grow, experiment and explore. The children can freely access a full range of activities, from construction to small world play, computer to messy play (e.g., gloop, sand, water, play dough or jelly).

The children have open access to the role play area, where they can enter the magical world of their developing imaginations.

Approach to learning

The children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which is delivered through the medium of “play”. The activities we provide give the children a ‘hands on experience’ and are open-ended, allowing scope for individual exploration. The children explore materials alongside others, enabling them to share ideas and gain valuable social and language skills at the same time.

Social Skills

The children’s social skills are developed through helping in the nursery as well as through play. Each day a number of children will help to water the plants, prepare snacks and help at mealtimes. We encourage the children to be able to manage their coats and shoes independently, as well as using the toilet area on their own.

Outdoor Exploration

The outdoor space at Barley Wood is an important element and will be widely used and explored by Foxes children. It provides them with a natural environment to discover, develop and create adventures. Children will learn how to problem solve, take calculated risks, make decisions and enjoy the outdoor environment. Some of the activities they will be able to undertake include, forest walks, pond dipping, dam building, looking at bugs, noticing changes in their natural environment and playing on the obstacle course.

Preparing for School

As your child approaches school age the staff in Foxes will help to prepare them for this next important step in their lives. Teachers are encouraged to visit children in the nursery and our school liaison Nursery Nurse is always on hand to help.

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